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Measured Success

Our breeding program is focused on honey production, temperament, and disease resistance.  Breeding lines are maintained through Artificial Insemination. We supply queen producers breeding quality stock and provide technical artificial insemination services.


From our apiary or yours!


From Our Apiary

We proudly maintain breeding lines that have been passed down through generations.  Our base stock consists of lines from the Australian National Queen Bee Breeding Program.  Like those before us, we continue to select for honey production, temperament, pest and disease resistance, and adaptation to Australia's unique climates.

We supply breeder queens to commercial queen producers and honey producers who find joy rearing their own queens.

We are currently accepting Expressions of Interest​ for breeder queens for the 2022/23 Australian bee season.   Please note: filling out this form helps us plan for numbers of breeder queens that need to be produced and helps us better understand our customer's desires through our breeding and selection process. This is the first step in securing our breeding stock, but unfortunately does not guarantee queen availability.



From Your Apiary

Now you can have a direct impact on bee breeding in your own operation. You provide genetic material of your favourite colonies via either virgin queens or drones, or both and we do our magic with artificial insemination.  We establish queens in nucleus colonies and make arrangements to get the queens back to you.  We are proud to be one of the only organisations in Australia to offer this unique service.



Leading Experts

We lead the beekeeping industry in stock importation services. Having experience with both live queen import through the Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine facility and drone semen importation, we are proud to assist the Australian beekeeping industry in accessing honey bee genetics from overseas.

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